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Troy Lighting debuts winter 2013 indoor collections

Troy Lighting debuts winter 2013 indoor collections

One of the easiest and most gorgeous ways to make a room feel homely and well designed is to have the right lighting. You can pick out the most stylish and attractive furniture and have it all laid out to catch the eye just right, but a single bare bulb hanging above will make the whole room look cheap.

Bad lighting casts shadows where there should not be shadows and can make a room look too bright and uninviting. Choose clever lamps and stylish and unusual lighting options to pull a room together, so that whether your furniture is designer or one off pieces, or all from IKEA, your rooms will all have the right vibe.

Troy Lighting have just revealed their winter 2013 winter collection, which incorporates unusual and stunning lighting options which have a touch of the traditional to them whilst still remaining modern. With the lights available from the Troy Lighting winter collection you can easily make a room look glamorous and gorgeous without much effort. These pieces are designed to catch the eye and make for startling and exciting centerpieces for any room.

Choose something like the Surrey piece, which has the look of an old fashioned bird cage with a small candelabra nestled in the centre. It would make a wonderful talking point in a minimal room, with it’s rustic design and combination of the gothic and modern. If you are looking for something even more creative, the Surya piece is a wall lamp which looks like a natural twig with a glorious curvy sun at the end, within which is the light. Again, in the most minimal of rooms, Surya would make for a great centerpiece which guests are bound to comment on. Many of the pieces in the collection have gold leaf and crystal accents which stop them from being too dark or gothic for a room, so would fit in anywhere!

Choose something really outlandish by going for Uni, a spiky light fitting which has multiple bulbs within in to create a light and almost festive look. Uni is designed on a sea urchin, so in a rustic bathroom set up would complete the look of the room to perfection. Pull the room together with brass and dark metal complimenting a neutral colour scheme.

Troy Lighting creates unique, one of a kind designs which have all been hand forged to ensure that every piece is just as special as the last, and something which is more than worth owning. The company is dedicated to ensuring all of their products are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime if looked after correctly. One of the winter 2013 collection would make the ideal gift for a stylish and discerning friend or family member, or the perfect housewarming gift to yourself!

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