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Bedroom interior design

Bedroom interior design

Bedroom interior design can be one of the more fun areas of interior design. In your bedroom you are free to let your creative side run wild and create a room which is entirely your own, and something you can be proud of. Where most other rooms in the home need to be functional and fit for their purpose, the bedroom is somewhere to relax and enjoy time alone, so you are free to make it fit with your personality as closely as possible!

One of the first things to think about when you are looking to design your bedroom is the space that you have and how to use it effectively. Whether you have a big or small bedroom should not affect your ability to make the room your own and something to be proud of, you just need to be clever about the space you have available and work out ways to make it look and feel as cosy and exciting as possible. In very small bedrooms you should think about limiting the amount of furniture and decoration in the room and really make a splash with the colours and designs on the walls and furnishings. This will keep the room uncluttered but make it an enjoyable place to be. In larger bedrooms you could think about setting up various ‘stations’ around the room so that it can be used for sleeping, as well as working and crafts with a desk and chair, and getting ready in the morning with a dressing table and so on. As long as you keep each area separate then they shouldn’t bleed into each other and disrupt the various functions of your room.

Remember that primarily a bedroom is a place for sleeping, and try to design the room accordingly. You may love a primrose yellow in your home, but having walls and furnishings that are too bright can make it difficult to switch off and relax at the end of a long day. A pastel yellow may be more appropriate here, or yellow splashes throughout a darker palette. A bedroom should be comfortable and not full of the things which stress you day to day. If you do have a desk for working in your bedroom then keep it far from the bed and make sure all papers and so on are stored carefully away so they are not obvious when you enter the room.

Finally, don’t forget to add your own personal touch to your room. Think of the things which inspire you and make you happy and try to have some kind of visual reference point for these things in your room. Posters may be for teenage bedrooms, but a framed print of something you love has the same feel but makes it more grown up and ‘designed’. You could also look into painting one wall with an elaborate design which incorporates your favourite things for a really special look.

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