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Acer gearing up to take more of its laptops touch-screen

Acer gearing up to take more of its laptops touch-screen

Acer has one of the biggest and best ranges of laptops and netbooks currently available to consumers in the UK. Its devices run from low-cost netbooks to some of the lightest and best high-powered laptops available anywhere. The company has however recently made clear its intention to switch a considerable amount of focus to the goal of making sure it laptops are touch-screen capable sooner rather than later.

Statements from Acer on the subject suggest that its emphasis on making sure its newest and best laptops are touch-screen stems from a desire to keep pace with what Acer interprets as changing demands among global consumers. PC users these days want to be able to type away on their laptops as they always have but they also want to be able to scroll through lists or browse documents with the flick of a finger, as they have increasingly been able to with their smartphones and tablet computers.

Or as Acer said in a statement not so long ago: “We have entered a new era of touch and type ‘duality’ in which users need intuitive devices which operate like second nature, enabling touch for browsing quickly and type to assure productivity.”

As ever with any change of emphasis from an internationally recognisable consumer technology brand, promotional phrasing on the subject comes to be really quite grandiose and so Acer’s statements tend to talk about “modern day exploration” and “breaking barriers between people and technology”. What is meant by all that however seems to be pretty much that we can all expect to have a good few more quality laptops with touch-screen capacities over the coming months and years.

The rise in demand for touch-screen laptops, which is reckoned to have taken many an international hardware giant by surprise in recent months, was given a major shot in the arm by the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system back in October. The system works perfectly well without a touch-screen laptop but extra functionality is enabled by touch-screen devices and the early indications are that more and more consumers are keen to make use of those added features.

To date, Acer’s touch-screen range covers tablets of course but also several desktops and convertible laptop/tablets, as well as its Aspire M Series, S7 Series, V Series and U Series ultra-book laptops. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is the Aspire S7 Series, which boasts a full high definition display screen, Gorilla Glass and plenty of Intel processing power.

“Acer is a leader in touch and type, the only OEM that offers the touch feature across all consumer categories of products, presenting a range of Windows 8 devices of unparalleled breadth and depth,” the Taiwanese laptop maker said in a statement.

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