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Zimmer and Rohde Living Room Collection

Zimmer and Rohde Living Room Collection

The newest Zizimmer and rhodemmer and Rohde living room collection is Geometrics, which aims to give any room the impression of space and structure to create something interesting and fun that will appeal to homeowners and their guests alike.

Zimmer and Rohde create luxurious and exciting designs for the luxury market that can really pull a room together and make for something exciting and unique that won’t disappoint. Geometrics is designed to add a splash of colour and excitement to any room using the interplay of bright colours and geometric patterns, which draw the eye and play off of ethnic motifs. The graphic patterns of the collection are bound in rich colours that will accent the plainest of rooms and make it something extra special that any homeowner can be proud of.

Crystal is the highlight of the Geometrics collection and is a gorgeous furnishing fabric in a rich silk that is strong enough to hold up to long term wear and tear but looks as fragile and stunning as you would want it to. Crystal has a graphic design which plays beautifully against a background of rich chocolate or silver to create a mature and tasteful look that would make it the highlight of any room. For those looking for something brighter with more life then Caleido is the bright and amusing partner to Crystal. With beautiful lime, emerald and china blue as its main colour palette, it is a silk jacquard which provides light and texture that will make any piece of furniture look extra special.

Zimmer and Rohde are renowned for creating interesting and expressive works and the Geometrics collection is no exception. Other notable recent collections from the company include the wonderful Outside or In 2 collection which makes outdoor furniture look as homely and comfortable as indoor furniture, but will still be weather resistant enough to adorn a garden or patio all year round. Outside or In 2 is designed to offer luxury and comfort for the outdoor areas of your home which can rival the inside. It is about not having to make compromises in the summer months, or having to choose between sunshine and plush furniture. You can happily relax in a gorgeously designed outdoor area with the furniture that comes as part of the collection. With bold summery colours designed to give the feel of sunshine and life all year round, the Outside or In 2 collection is bound to make your garden one of the best places to enjoy in the home.

Don’t forget to browse the other collections available from Zimmer and Rohde when designing your home as once you have made one room look as gorgeous as possible it will be almost impossible not to want to do the same with the rest of the house.

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