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Toshiba tablet and laptop combo touted as a game changer

Toshiba tablet and laptop combo touted as a game changer

Toshiba is claiming its new tablet and laptop device the Toshiba U920t as a game changer that represents a revolution in the context of how consumers make use of their computers. Quite how popular the new combination offering turns out to be remains to be seen but Toshiba is doing its level best to talk-up its potential as a consumer solution that functions powerfully in a variety of enormously useful ways.

Key to all that is new about the U920t device is the fact that it operates on the Windows 8 system from Microsoft, whereas all other previous Toshiba tablet computers have used the Android operating system and indeed many of them still do. But the Windows 8 platform adds what Toshiba maintains are important new elements of functionality as compared with any device it has previously been able to introduce. There is a five-finger touch input display, which has an anti-fingerprint coating, but users can switch very easily between interacting with the U920t via the touch-screen or via the touchpad and keyboard. Powered by third generation Intel processors, the tablet/laptop hybrid solution should be well placed to deliver high levels of computing power as well as the ease of use that tablet computers are most renowned for generally speaking. Connectivity options include HDMI, USB 3.0 and an SD care reader.

The versatility of the new offering from Toshiba, in terms of it being ready for use as either a tablet or more of a traditional laptop is its primary selling point and the Windows 8 system is reckoned to be the first platform capable of bringing the two form factors together in a single device. Toshiba though will have some considerable competition to win consumers around the world over to using the U920t with a number of similarly designed and equipped computers making their way to market right now. With a 12.5 inch display screen and plenty of power, the Toshiba offering looks a strong contender in the tablet/laptop category but potential buyers might be somewhat concerned by the promise of only six hours of battery life between charges.

Toshiba maintains in its promotional efforts behind the U920t that “one movement starts a revolution” and describes the devices as being “extraordinarily responsive, stylish and thin laptops ideal for people on the move”. For his part Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said recently that Windows 8 “brings together the best of the PC and the tablet”. “It works perfect for work and play and it is alive with your world. Every one of our customers will find a PC that they will absolutely love,” he went on.

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