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Top 5 Bedroom Interior Design Tips


If you are deciding to redecorate your bedroom there are plenty of trends and styles which you can take inspiration from. Whichever way you decide to go with your decor, there are a few things that should remain the same in every bedroom. Here are our top 5 bedroom interior design tips.

Comfort First!

Perhaps you have decided to go with a futuristic feel to your bedroom? Or you may be choosing a spiky graphic print as the focal point and want to build the bedroom around it. Whatever you have chosen for your bedroom you should always aim for comfort before anything else. A bedroom can look absolutely stunning but if it is full of sharp edges and hard surfaces it won’t be a place that you can relax and sleep comfortably.

Keep Your Life Out Of The Bedroom

The bedroom is the one room in the house that is all about you and taking care of yourself. All you should be doing in the bedroom is sleeping and enjoying free time away from the rest of the world so why would you put a desk or computer in there with you? When designing a bedroom you should never make space for a computer, television or even a coffee maker. A bedroom should be a cosy little cave where you can retreat at the end of a long day to promote sleep and relaxation.

Make Storage A Focal Point

Many people struggle to hide their storage or try to make it fit in with the room. Go against this and actually make your storage units the focal point of the room. You can look for spectacular storage units online. It is much easier than elaborately placing things where you cannot easily reach them and doing this creates a theme for your room which you can fit everything else around.

Don’t Scrimp On Bedding

Although bedding may be the last thing you think about when designing a room it is the first thing everyone will see when they come into your bedroom. Whether you like it or not, the bed is always going to be the part of the room that most people’s eyes are drawn so you can be as inventive as you like with the design of the room but if you have cheap and grubby looking bedding this will be the memory people will take away from the room.

Use Lighting Creatively

With lighting you have the ability to create the mood of your room at all times. You can go simple and put in a creative looking lampshade which will cast a nice colour in the room, but the perfect way to create a mood is to expertly choose your lighting for each part of the room. Don’t feel restricted when it comes to what lighting you want to put in the room. Have small spotlights which crawl up the walls instead of point down from above. Use fairy lights and interesting lamps to cast warmth or shadow in certain areas – the choice is yours so be as creative as you like!

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