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Tight Budgets Equal Inventive Interiors In 2013

Tight Budgets Equal Inventive Interiors In 2013

As of early 2013 the UK is not in the worst financial situation it has ever been in, but it is not far off either. Households are experiencing a tough time when it comes to budgeting and people are having to hold back their money for the things they need rather than the things they want. This means that frivolous household things have to take a back seat, and interior design is one thing that homeowners are having to let go of for the moment.

Luckily, there are some great ways to makeover your home on a budget, which will allow you to keep your home fresh and up to date however long you need to keep the purse strings tight, and you should even be able to keep up with the latest trends. Because of the financial situation in most of Britain, the latests trends are beginning to reflect it. Thrift-store-chic is one of the best and easiest trends to copy in 2013, and looks so good that it should be a look that you will want to keep around for some time to come.

homemade-funitureThe idea of obvious DIY is so popular that some of the more exclusive furniture companies are creating furniture which costs the earth but still looks homemade. This gives you the opportunity to create your own original and attractive furniture and decoration and still be right on trend.The idea with the DIY trend is to make the parts that hold furniture together obvious, and not to be too neat or clean with it. A great way to stick to this trend is to choose a piece of furniture which has seen better days and alter it to make it new and interesting. You may choose an old cabinet and strip it back on your own. You can go for the distressed look by leaving some of the original paint or varnish showing, or go back to basics and have it look completely homemade. Make handles for wardrobes and cupboards out of ribbon or chain depending on the room the furniture is going in and re-upholster furniture with mismatched fabrics in different textures. Keep the look as simple as possible, though, as if you overdo it the look can come across messy rather than styled.

‘Less is more’ is a big trend this year, and so simple and cheap to do at home. Get rid of all your clutter by throwing out anything you don’t use or need. Everything else can be hidden away in attractive boxes. If you find stackable boxes or even suitcases you can make these the focal point of a room by painting or varnishing them. Alternatively you can leave them as they are and keep the rest of the room neutral to highlight the most interesting points. Because the mismatched, thrift store style is huge, there is nothing wrong with picking up some throws and scarves in odd colours and using these to hide clutter and boxes from view.

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