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Moods Influencing 2013 Interiors Trends

Moods Influencing 2013 Interiors Trends

design-trends-2013  Certain trends never go out of fashion when it comes to interior design. Retro has been coming back for years and although the era may change, the key pieces do not. Similarly, the cosy, Victorian style has been relentlessly copied, adjusted and copied again throughout period homes across the country. For those who are looking to create something completely unique in their home, to inspire and impress guests, the newest trend is to work with a mood, and design different rooms around different feelings.

When starting out decorating your home you should sit down in each room and decide what you want people to feel when they are in there. You will use different rooms for different things and may want one room to feel wakeful and confident whilst another to feel cosy and relaxed. Make a list of the feelings you want to evoke in your family and guests when they come to spend time in any one room and help your decisions along by thinking about what must be done in each room.

For example, the kitchen and bathroom are transitory spaces in the home. People will usually move around in each to do what they need to and then relax elsewhere in the house. For this reason you can work with a busier palette in the kitchen and bathroom, and much bolder colours than you might want to go with in the living or bedroom areas. Choose bright lemons and oranges in the kitchen, as they are proven to help increase appetite and alertness. You will find that children do their homework at kitchen tables and you will probably do any extra work in there as well. You will want the room to be functional, bright and uncluttered. Thinking about the living room, in contrast, you will want it to be a space that people feel comfortable and relaxed in. Not so relaxed as to fall asleep, as that is the domain of the bedroom, but relaxed enough to let their guard down. Think warm pastel colours and soft textiles to keep people feeling ultimately relaxed.

The beauty of designing your home around the mood you want to put people in is that you will get the reaction you want from guests without having to resort to obvious trends and styles. Being able to design something to fit a mood rather than a trend makes it timeless and more appealing to everyone rather than just the fashionistas in your circle. This should mean that you don’t need to redecorate nearly as much, and will prevent your whole house looking dated within 5 years. It also avoids the problem of walking into a friend or neighbour’s home to find it almost identically designed!

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