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Interior Design Trends for 2013

Interior Design Trends for 2013

It is always best to start off a year with a fresh start, so what could be better than to start off your new year with some new designs for your home? 2012 was the year of contrasting colours and rich jewel tones but this is all starting to strike something of a false note as we move into 2013, with designers stripping everything back and coming up with very fresh and pure looks for the new year.

Purity is a main theme of this year, with whites, lights and neutrals taking over from the wilder looks of last year. Interiors are clean, minimalist and classic with very natural features which warm up the look as a whole and make it look elegant but not too ‘designed’. You are not looking for overly smooth and open spaces, which can make a room look a bit cold and impersonal, but more simplicity and a lack of clutter. Stone and marble pieces can draw a bit of warmth out of even the barest of rooms, and are great for keeping dust and dirt out of the way as well! When you are looking for eye catching pieces to bring the room to life, one of the biggest trends for 2013 is a woodland and natural theme. Look for rough, unstructured wooden furniture and design features, which pull apart the overall look and make it a little homier. You can continue this theme by adding motifs of leaves, trees and branches, and green, brown and orange accents will really brighten up any room you use this theme as part of.

To keep the room looking comfortable and not like an art gallery, make sure any furniture you bring into the room has light and airy materials on and around it to give an impression of light and warmth, as opposed to the solid coldness of stone and stripped wood.

If the minimalist look doesn’t work for you, luckily there is another option in the retro themes that seem to be emerging in the earliest weeks of the year. Retro means bright colours, geometric shapes and plastic pieces. Retro can look quite dated and naff if not done correctly, but if you choose the right pieces to add to a simple room you may find that it creates something brand new and really exciting. Look for retro print wallpapers to go in certain areas of a room, rather than papering the entire room, or pick out one wall or shelf with a few brightly coloured plastic vases or ornaments.

A big trend this year is grouped mirrors and these can brighten up any room and add the illusion of space to areas which otherwise could look cramped. Feel free to use lots of smaller mirrors or just three or four larger ones to give a completely different look to different areas of the house.

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