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Interior design: space planning

Interior design: space planning

When you are designing a room there are a number of factors which will affect how you decide on the layout of the room and what should go where. One of the most important factors is making the space fit for its purpose, as a room which looks great but is difficult to get around and use will mean all of your hard work has gone to waste. Far better to have a functional room than one which simply looks amazing.

When you are thinking about how to decorate a room, think about how people are going to move around the room. This works for rooms in the home as well as larger spaces such as offices and even gallery spaces. If, say, you are designing a living room, think about where people enter the room and where they are most likely to go. There shouldn’t be any obstacles in the way of them getting to the sofas or chairs, and no obstructions in front of whatever your focal point is to be. Coffee tables, desks and so on are attractive elements to add to a room and can be useful, but try not to have them placed in such a way that it causes people to double their time moving around a room, having to skirt around furniture and climb over things.

You should also think about what people are likely to be doing in a certain room. A kitchen and dining room may be primarily for cooking and eating, but you will also probably spend time socialising there, cleaning and washing. Make sure your room is set out to incorporate all of those purposes as well, and try to keep it feeling warm and friendly even if a room’s main purpose is functionality.

Think about how much space you actually have and endeavour to use all of it to make the room seem completed. If you have a very large room this can actually be far more difficult than you would assume, because it is natural to want everything in easy reach. In this case you can always add a rug or other decoration to pull the room together and make it seem cosier no matter how much room you have. If you have a very small room then think about limiting the amount of furniture you need and keeping everything neat and structured. Take advantage of every inch of space but avoid clutter by fitting things neatly around each other so that everything is easy to use but doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. Sofas, beds and tables which have storage space underneath can be the saviour of a small room so don’t forget to look out for these as great space-saving options.

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