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Design Your Home For Selling

Design Your Home For Selling

house-for-saleThe next couple of years are looking to be huge for the property market. The 2013 budget has announced plans to help more borrowers than ever to afford to buy homes and the mortgage guarantee scheme should mean that if you are looking to sell the time is now, as more people than ever will be looking to snap up the best homes as soon as possible.

When you are looking to sell your home it is not enough to have a great sized property in a wonderful location. Everything potential buyers see from the front door onwards will help to make their decision about whether this is the right property for them or not. Obviously they want the home to look lived in, to show that it is the perfect place to return to each evening, but they also want to be able to see the mark they could make on it themselves.

It is sad to say that potential buyers will look at a dead plant and decide not to buy, but this is the truth. On a subconscious level, if the house looks dirty, cluttered or just not up to the standard the buyer would want to live in then they will make their minds up without even realising why. On the other hand, if the property looks like somewhere they can imagine living the kind of lifestyle they aspire to then they will be much more likely to put in an offer.

The first thing to do is to make the home look comfortable and ‘homey’ whilst at the same time leaving it uncluttered so that buyers can imagine their own furniture and belongings in it. Keep everything as neutral and plain as possible, whilst obviously still keeping everything around that you need. Small points like having a gorgeous magazine rack instead of a pile of magazines next to the sofa will make the home look more designed and attractive to a potential buyer.

Make sure that the three top areas you pay close attention to are the bathroom, kitchen and garden. These will often be the areas that ‘sell’ the property to someone. In the case of the kitchen and bathroom you are looking for simplicity and clean lines. Make the best points of the room a focal point and avoid clutter. Although you may be an avid chef with plenty of spices and herbs to prove it, these should be tucked away in cupboards to show off how much space there is in the kitchen. This should be the same for bathroom products. A shower curtain can look tired and old fashioned, why not invest in a new shower or at the least a shining glass door to improve the look of the room? Although it may cost you a little extra it will pay for itself when you sell the property. The garden should be neat and tidy. If you have extra cash to go towards making the property sell then a landscaped garden can, in many cases, clinch the deal for a potential buyer and even help you to drive up your asking price.

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