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Data centres, the cloud and saving money

Data centres, the cloud and saving money

It is always possible for companies to develop their own internal IT architecture and to support their own data use, however significant that use might be. But there is plenty of potential for money saving and operational efficiency through outsourcing of these processes to the kind of facilities that keep mission-critical IT systems up and running at all times.

For most companies these days, an IT outage is a nightmare to deal with and might very well lead directly to loss of income, serious customer dissatisfaction and a tarnished reputation. And this is especially true because more and more businesses are reliant on data-hungry systems to provide their services on even a basic level.

Data centres are purpose built as facilities that can handle as much use as needed by any scale or variety of operations. Establishing that kind of set-up in-house is too much of an undertaking for all but the very largest businesses. But even if in-house data storage weren’t too complicated and time-consuming, it would still make little sense from a investment standpoint in the majority of circumstances.

Cloud storage has opened up a world of opportunity for companies operating in any field whatever to expand their horizons in terms of delivering new and innovative services to end users. Purpose built data centres are fuelling the development of ever-more interesting and useful online services and making sure that they can remain active and fully operational around the clock.

A key issue though for businesses as they look to take advantage of the opportunities that now exist in this context is to find the right kind of deal with a reliable third party. Terms will vary but in general the levels of operational reliability that companies can secure at a good price is enticing and eminently cost-effective. For British businesses, an important element of the equation is the physical location of the data centre they are to be served from. Having UK data centres is widely viewed as a positive due to the potential connectivity speed advantages and enhanced security assurances.

Importantly for businesses that might be uncertain of whether they should move their data to the cloud or any other external storage system, these services can be enlisted on what amounts to a pay-as-you-go basis. All of which helps to reassure users that data centres are providing them with an operational advantage that is as cost-effective as it is flexible. There are a growing number of data centres being established across the UK and the standards of service these days are generally very high indeed.

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