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Coral Palettes Spring into Homes

Coral Palettes Spring into Homes

As the winter has begun to die down interior design trends are beginning to reflect a feeling of spring and nature with a coral palette featuring hugely in a number of interior designs. Coral is one colour which has not featured hugely in the past years so it brings with it a refreshing and unique touch to any room, brightening the room as a whole and leading us into Spring with a bounce in our step.

Coral may seem like a difficult colour to bring into any natural interior, and should be a nightmare to team with any dark wood or heavily patterned designs. Thankfully, designers have worked out some interesting and up to date ways to make coral a central part of the home without it looking tacked on or obvious.

Picture 094Having a ‘pop’ of coral in a largely plain room can really brighten up any living space.  You can choose to paint one piece of furniture or a section of one wall. As long as the rest of the room is kept relatively neutral it will always be in fashion! Bathrooms can benefit from a coral-painted cabinet or border. Even a large design painted on one wall will really bring in a professional ‘designed’ element and make the room feel fresher. Don’t neglect the living room, in which a coral sofa or chair will create a focal point that will draw the eye and give an exciting edge.

Coral patterns blend well with other colours and can create a really interesting  and unique look that you would be proud to have in any home. Choose a pastel background to mix corals with and it will really stand out and make for something much cleaner and simpler than blending coral with darker colours. The deeper corals will look best with neutral colours to accent a room, but pale corals can almost be used with any other colour palette so allow your imagination to run wild!

Coral looks great with greens and blues making it a naturally invigorating and refreshing colour any time of year. If you are looking to completely redesign a room for spring and summer you might want to consider basing your room around a coral colour palette for a look that will easily work all through the seasons and may even provide a little brightness in the winter months! Lots of designers are coming up with corals for furniture and upholstery so keep an eye out for the newest designs and patterns to make sure your room will carry through for a couple of years. If the room needs refreshing at any point coral is easy to add to with some different shades to make the room seem as good as new time and time again.

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