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Cloud back-up services – a look at the pros and cons

Cloud back-up services – a look at the pros and cons

Cloud-based services in general are becoming increasingly important in the way that most businesses function and ensure their own continuity. Cloud back-up services can be used in a variety of ways to provide security in the context of data storage and they are being used on a progressively larger scale in the UK and elsewhere. Here we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of cloud back up services.


Beginning with the potential benefits of cloud back-up, the foremost incentive to enlisting these services is scalability. In effect, you can scale up your backed-up data to any level you need. So we’re talking essentially about massive scalability potential that might very well prove extremely useful.

Another major advantage to out-sourcing back-up data storage processes to a cloud-based system is that IT bosses or other relevant professionals can avoid having to deal with those processes themselves on a day-to-day basis. In doing so, managers can reallocate their time, improve their own efficiency and ultimately save their companies money.

Bandwidth associated with backing-up data into a cloud system is also cheaper because it doesn’t need to be written across multiple sites. Associated costs can also be pin-pointed precisely because cloud back-up services tend to be offered on the basis of fixed terms.


The primary draw back to backing up your business data into a cloud-based system is that of latency. There is scope for concern that specific data might not be easily or swiftly accessible to you as a customer if your data is being backed-up wholesale in the cloud.

Handing over large amounts of important data to a third-party service provider might also present a potential security concern for the customer involved. However, there are ways in which security can be assured and data safeguarded in wholly reliable ways these days.

Customers using third-party back-up services might also wonder about the availability levels associated with their data but these issues can be addressed in a variety of ways as well.

There can be problems of access and availability if a cloud back-up service provider goes out of business for any reason. This a rare set of circumstances and again there are steps that businesses and organisations can take to protected themselves and their data in that kind of an instance.

In general, it is important for any company considering their cloud back-up options to establish as clear an understanding as possible of just what their needs in this area are before committing to a particular deal with a particular provider.

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