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Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2013

Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2013

If you are looking to make the very most of your bedroom in 2013 then you could do worse than looking at the top bedroom interior design trends for this year and taking your inspiration from these. Here are three of the top trends for 2013.

‘Masculine’ Styling

Masculine is a term which represents clean lines and bold contrasts when it comes to interior design. The idea is to get men interested in interior design and come up with some exciting options for redecoration that men will be keen to get involved in. With masculine styling everything is very sleek and uncomplicated which can be a positive for any bedroom, as it helps to promote a peaceful room without too much going on. Metallics are generally mixed with black and white with masculine interior designs, but don’t be afraid of colour. You can always add a bright dash of colour to a wall or in the furnishings. Keep everything simple and plain and you should have this style down perfectly.

Green Living

bedroom-green-living  This is the environmental approach to decorating. As people become more conscious of the planet then environmentally friendly ideas start to creep into widely varied areas. Green living has now started to take over in the interior design world as well and is worth looking into as it promotes a good nights sleep and keeps everything fresh and interesting. Look for reclaimed wooden furniture or make your own furniture and storage solutions from old crates, boxes and broken furniture. The whole look will be eclectic and interesting but won’t look thrown together if you keep the rest of the room as simple as possible. The best thing with the green living trend is the trend of bringing the outdoors indoors to freshen up a room. Bring in as many plants as you can and keep them in the right areas to pick up the sunlight that they need. Some designers are going as far as to have a ‘green wall’ which is essentially a planted across an entire wall to make a garden feel within the house.


Bold African Interiors

Photo-19-Simple-African-Contemporary-Bedroom-Interior  The African trend never seems to die out and is always in style. It is  making a resurgence at the moment and will make for an interesting and very attractive living space. The african look can be very calming in a bedroom with a dusky colour palette set off by a few interesting objets d’art. You should be able to find good quality African style furniture and decor in any market or antiques store but for the real deal look online for one or two focal pieces that will pull the room together. The deep and drusky colours will enhance the relaxing feel of the room and make the spectacular look not too overpowering.


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