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Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2013

Bathroom Interior Design Trends for 2013

Bathroom interior design trends may change year on year but some elements always remain the same, and it is these you should observe if you want a really timeless look to your bathroom. The bathroom and kitchen of a home are the most impressive areas and for this reason should be the areas you focus on when it comes to luxury and modernisation.

Bathrooms are one area of the house that people always want to perceive as clean and hygienic. For this reason, a bathroom should never be cluttered and will usually not be painted or decorated in dark colours or with thick carpets. You will want to try to keep everything in your bathroom as neat and far apart as possible to give the illusion of plenty of space and cleanliness whatever the size of your bathroom. Fittings should be pale and neutral in colour, and you will want to get as much light in as possible, so keep curtains and blinds minimal and include plenty of mirrors and glass to open up the room.

bathroom-trends-2013  For 2013 the biggest trend throughout the house, but particularly in      the bathroom, is modern hotel-style designs. Hotel bathrooms have a sense of luxury about them which appeals to people, with deep baths and sparkling fittings. Everything in a hotel bathroom is functional and there will be little extra added in the way of decoration. If you want to create your own hotel spa-like bathroom then you are looking to keep everything very neutral and very simplistic. Although this may seem a little dull to the amateur interior designer, the end effect is visually impressive and makes your bathroom look more designed, through the use of less!

Go for off-white when it comes to the walls as a pure white can be a bit harsh on the eyes. Silver and cream need be the only touches of colour other than white, but if you must choose colours to break up the white then look into jewel colours and choose just one to complete the bathroom. The overall look will be spectacular!

Another great trend, and one which seems to come back time and time again, is the coastal bathroom. Busier than the hotel style bathrooms, coastal style takes everything related to water and the sea and reflects it in the design of the bathroom. To keep it mature and ‘designed’ looking choose natural elements to place in the bathroom. Shells and coral are always popular, and a few light shell prints on the tiles or walls can make all the difference. With a coral bathroom you can choose more wooden fittings which give a more rustic feel to the room but are still easy to keep clean and nice looking. Blues, greens and even coral colours are the right palette for a coastal bathroom, but keep them to a minimum so the look doesn’t become overdone and trashy.

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